Why Personal Yoga?

Your personal requirements are the key to a personal yoga session in comparison to a group session in a public studio.

Together we will develop the individual yoga praxis, which is tailored for your physical condition and emotional state of mind.

It does not matter if you can touch the floor with your fingertips or if you can sit 3 hours meditating in the lotus posture. Yoga is no competition.

Yoga is unique and Personal Yoga is individual.

You choose the environment where you feel comfortable. At your home, in nature or at my home. In our first session we will develop your individual yoga program by evaluation of your experience and expectations.

The class starts with relaxed breathing and movement exercices, which I will introduce to you and also practice with you. I challenge and support you mentally and physically with postures specifically adapted to your requirements. 

Your friends, colleagues or family are also welcome. I offer classes for small groups individually designed to create the well being through yoga for everyone.

Sessions last 60-90 minutes depending on your time frame.

If offer "Yoga for Beginners", "Trial Yoga" or "Advanced Yoga". My Yoga style is based on the floating Vinyasa Yoga and Yin Yoga. Find out, what's the best for you. 

In any case, you will finish your yoga session cheery, agile and in your best mood!


- I teach in German and in English
- Mats and aids/tools can be happily provided
- Comfortable sports clothing would be ideal